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Taking Flight Festival 2022


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Red Dragonfly’s New Writing Festival and nationwide Competition is back!

Taking Flight is proud to present the winning play of our 2022 New Writing Competition:
'What's Best For Jada' by Alex Blanc
Jada's parents are no longer together. She plays legos with her dad Richard, as he and his new partner Claire shower her with horse-riding lessons and days out in Chessington. Jada's mum Marie disapproves from a distance. Whilst Richard rejects his Chinese upbringing, Marie embraces it providing what she believes is important, money for Jada's education, healthcare and upkeep. Parenting isn't easy, co-parenting is even harder - but they know what's best for Jada and everything they do is for her - or is it?
Runner up - 'The Last Chance' by Joan C. Guyll
Separated by choice 20 years ago when Robert returned alone to England to look after his ailing mother, his "abandoned" wife Judith now gives him one last chance to try and live harmoniously together in Singapore. An odd couple - the gulf which separates the two may be more than just 10,000km.

The play-reading of the winning full length 1 hour play and other new work will be showcased at various festivals and venues around England.

Brighton Fringe Festival May-June 2022 dates

Tue 31 May   The Rotunda: BUBBLE   4:30pm - 'What's Best For Jada' Winning Play reading 

Wed 1 Jun     The Rotunda: BUBBLE   4:30pm - 'The Last Chance' Runner up Play reading

Homegrown Festival & Dragonboat Festival June 2022 date

Sat 11 Jun   MAST Studio 2, Southampton   3:30pm - 'What's Best For Jada' Winning Play reading 

Wells Theatre Festival July 2022 dates

Sat 9 July Rotunda Theatre @ Bishop's Barn  12noon - 'What's Best For Jada' Winning Play reading

Sun 10 July Rotunda Theatre @ Bishop's Barn  11am - Rehearsed Play Reading TBA

Buxton Fringe Festival July 2022 dates

Sat 16 July Rotunda Theatre: Venue (33k) Pavilion Gardens  4:30pm - 'Jada' Winning Play reading

Sun 17 July Rotunda Theatre: Venue (33k) Pavilion Gardens  12:30pm - 'The Mice Go To The Cinema' by Manchester Hua Xia Chinese School Drama Club

Sat 17 July Rotunda Theatre: Venue (33k) Pavilion Gardens  1:30pm - 'Jada' Winning Play reading

London Sept 2022 date

Mon 5 Sept   The Hope Theatre, London   7:45pm - 'What's Best For Jada' Winning Play reading 

Submissions came in from new and emerging writers with East and South-East Asian heritage and those from the British East and South-East Asian communities in the UK. 


It's a shame we are unable to produce all our finalist's plays, however do keep an eye on these talented playwrights:

The Society for New Cuisine - A Fable by Chris Fung

My Mother Yoko Ono by Erin Niimi Longhurst

Yellow Face by Jamal Chong


Red Dragonfly New Writing Festival is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


Since 2017, our Taking Flight initiative has nurtured and provided a platform for emerging playwrights. The Festival have showcased 9 new BAME short plays, which toured to venues in Lancaster, Leeds, Cheltenham, Crediton, sold-out at London’s New Diorama Theatre, and was part of Rotunda Theatre’s Nomad Festival. Unsuccessful candidates and participants are also encouraged to continue to have contact with Red Dragonfly on their writing and endeavours - we are always keen to help emerging talents within our capacity and will keep them in mind for our future projects.

Taking Flight Festival 2022 is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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