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and The White Bone Demon

Written and directed by Ross Ericson


Cast: Ainsleigh Barber, Ross Ericson, Victor Itang, Allan Law, Michelle Wen Lee, Sunjay Midda, Harriet Sharmini Smithers, Michelle Yim

Costume by: Elizabeth Cooke

Publicity photos by Mark Piggott Photography


Produced by Red Dragonfly and The Rotunda Theatre:


A fantastical play for the young, the old and pensionable.
Based on the stories from the Chinese classic 'Journey To The West' our tale finds our heroes –  Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka – in dangerous lands.  Will they make it through, or will their continued squabbling see the band of friends fall apart and Tripitaka eaten by demons?  
Performance schedule

Fri 5 July 2019               Rotunda Theatre at Buxton Fringe                                                   7:30pm

Sat 6 July 2019              Rotunda Theatre at Buxton Fringe                                                   3pm

Mon 8 July 2019           Rotunda Theatre at Buxton Fringe                                                   7:30pm

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