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The China Masques

by John Davies and Ben Jonson, with additional text from Ross Ericson

Postponed till 2021

A Red Dragonfly production,
in collaboration with University of Sussex.
Postponed till 2021
Location TBC

With Queen Elizabeth getting older, and with no successor, Sir Robert Cecil is risking treason by secretly negotiating with the King of the Scots to take over the throne, but at this festive time, and with the arrival of a special visitor, he has hopes of at last opening up a route to China. Will he succeed in his desires, or will circumstance and the new King thwart his hopes? We shine a new light on Queen Elizabeth's chief minister and reveal him to be a sinophile, an avid collector of porcelain and even the Charles Henry Harrod of his day.

A mostly true tale of political intrigue, social change and one man's obsession with China and, as our story unfolds against the backdrop of the elaborate and luxurious celebrations of the Elizabethan and Jacobean Courts, we witness a collection of works by Davies and Jonson that have not been performed in public for over 400 years.

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Tickets will be available online and by telephone only
Standard £20 - applies to Adults aged 18 and over.
Concession £15 - applies to Seniors aged 65+, University students, Under 18s and Benefit Claimants only
Postponed till 2021
or call Rotunda Theatre Box Office Tel: 07487 228993
You will get an email confirmation/receipt. This is your ticket, please present it at the door on arrival. Proof of eligibility for concession tickets will be required.
Tickets to be announced
Red Dragonfly Theatre, Chinese theatre in UK
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